"Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never."

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I specialize in women's wellness & work exclusively with female guests in my homeI enter each massage with a grateful spirit. I am thankful for the opportunity to hold space for you, & the potential to help facilitate a new sense of Self. My aim in every session is to create a bodywork sanctuary in which you can fully let go. All of our time together will be safe, gentle, & confidential.  

Our work together will be unique; a customized-to-you blend of my signature, Reiki-infused massage style. All of my touch is offered with love for the highest good of the guest on my table. My background & training include traditional Swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue, Shiatsu, Lomilomi, foot reflexology & more. My flat fees include any & all work we decide together would be beneficial during our scheduled time, & as such I work with life force energy (Reiki), hot stones, aromatherapy (essential oils of your choice) & sage/smudging in any session no additional cost. 

Every session is a meditation for me. I am listening to your body's story; hearing & affirming it. I want you to feel held. If you wish to go into a meditative state, sleep, laugh, cry, or leave something on the table which no longer serves you, I will accommodate you.

I recommend receiving bodywork as often as you can, & I will joyfully work with my clients to make this feasible, via sliding scale or barter arrangements. I aim to serve all women in our community. Folks often seek massage for healing during times of great stress or when they experience physical pain, but there are a number of excellent reasons to see your LMT:

  • as a loving gift to yourself during times of grief & loss;

  • to re-balance after weight gain or loss, intentional or otherwise;

  • ​as a conduit to flow, when feeling creatively "blocked";

  • to integrate your experience after a psychedelic &/or spiritual adventure, both the positive AND the difficult;

  • to re-familiarize yourself with your vessel as the seasons change;

  • throughout the full childbearing year (before, during, & after pregnancy), as well as during menopause;

  • as a loving & supportive gift to your vessel before & after any surgery (as indicated with regard to safety);

  • for the pure joy of allowing someone to hold space for you fully for an entire hour (or more)!

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”




My massage studio is a private room just inside the entrance to our home. My space is warm & nourishing, as well as clean, private & quiet. Much of the decor is from our travels in India, & everything in the studio was selected with care & intention. You'll unwind to beautiful, meditative world music & be soothed with hot stones & wonderfully therapeutic essential oils while your body & mind return to neutral. I bring the luxury spa experience into a more affordable, personalized, & spiritual setting for healing.


During your first session you'll fill out a wellness history that we’ll go over together. We’ll discuss your goals for massage & how to make the session wonderful for you based on your needs that particular day. Every session is customized for you. You’ll have complete privacy to undress to your level of comfort & get settled on the table. You’ll be draped modestly at all times & I’ll check in with you on pressure & depth, music volume, temperature. You’ll have complete ownership over your entire experience, & I’m happy to answer questions at any time. 

I always set an intention of creating a safe, healing space for us to work in during our time together. Some folks appreciate feedback about their body while they’re receiving massage, others fall into a meditative state or sleep lightly. Chatting is not required! In fact, the richest work is often accomplished when I can give you 100% of my focus & you can receive without any distraction.

Depending on the modalities used, you may leave a session feeling refreshed & deeply relaxed, euphoric, emotional, energized, or tender, as if you've had a vigorous workout. Most people find that a greater intake of water & a period of quiet time post-session help them to better integrate the work.

You'll have some time to regroup & dress, visit the restroom & have some tea or water. There will be time to check-in, give feedback about the work & schedule your next session. We'll also discuss self-care you can use to maximize the bodywork.

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