September 8, 2017

Hello beautiful beings!

For some time now I've been hoping to connect with an experienced local female tattoo artist to discuss setting up an ongoing trade arrangement. I'm interested in a cover-up, a few touch-ups and/or the completion of one or both sleeves. It's important to me to have a relationship with the artist I'll be working with, especially for a long-term project, and I would love to support another self-employed woman with much needed relaxation and treatment work. Barter is awesome!

So, I'm putting it out into the Universe! If you are (or know!) this wonderful person, please reach out! I would love to see your creative work and give you a sample of what I do; perhaps we'll be a perfect fit! :)


February 15, 2017

Pricing has always been difficult for me!

On one hand, I love what I do. And along the way it became ingrained in (some of) us that if we're lucky enough to enjoy our work in a culture where most don't, we should be grateful & perhaps not also expect to earn a living wage from it. (Think starving artist.)

On the other hand, bodywork is what I do by profession. It's how I earn my living & contribute to our household. I attended school for it, regularly receive continuing education & renew a number of professional licenses, memberships & insurance each year to keep Dharma Massage living, breathing & serving. After seven years in the field & thousands of hours of massage, I'm confident in my work. I have a perfect, 100% pos...

Welcome to my newly redesigned site!  Clean, simple, & with intention -- that seems to be the theme of my 2016.  I find myself seeking the ease-FULL path in my practice, my creative work, my daily routine. Striving for serenity!

Deep gratitude & big hugs to everyone who has come for massage, rebooked, purchased a gift card, shared your experience with a friend, left a Yelp review.  Dharma Massage continues to grow & I continue to feel incredibly blessed to know & work with each of you.  In my very own home, no less!

I'll be sharing regular updates with you here, along with self-care & wellness ideas to help you stay grounded, strong, & pain-free between sessions.  Thanks for reading & feel free to reach out, a...

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