Exchange Rate.

February 15, 2017

Pricing has always been difficult for me!

On one hand, I love what I do. And along the way it became ingrained in (some of) us that if we're lucky enough to enjoy our work in a culture where most don't, we should be grateful & perhaps not also expect to earn a living wage from it. (Think starving artist.)


On the other hand, bodywork is what I do by profession. It's how I earn my living & contribute to our household. I attended school for it, regularly receive continuing education & renew a number of professional licenses, memberships & insurance each year to keep Dharma Massage living, breathing & serving. After seven years in the field & thousands of hours of massage, I'm confident in my work. I have a perfect, 100% positive rating on Yelp. Logically speaking, all of these factors indicate that I should request & earn at least the average bodywork rate for Marysville, assuredly.

So, after much consideration (and feedback from many of you!) I've acknowledged that my rate scale is below market & have decided to (slowly) bring it into balance. Slowly, because my practice has always been grown organically and at it's own, natural pace. Intentionally, because I want to be mindful & purposeful in my decision. For me as a practitioner, this is an affirmation of my time in the field & my skill level, not simply a pay increase. And with some exciting extras, because I want all of you who have been with me since the beginning to continue to find, I hope, immense value & healing in your sessions.

Beginning February 15, 2017, new pricing will be as follows:

$40 for 30-minutes

$70 for 60-minutes

$100 for 90-minutes

$130 for 120-minutes

As always, pretty gift cards will be available in the most popular session lengths of 60 & 90-minutes. In the months following this pricing shift, Dharma Massage will be incorporating:

*Crisp new table linens & towels;

*A variety of new essential oils & blends for aromatherapy (& yes, I take requests!);

*Additional hot stones; 
*A hot towel cabinet & with it the integration of therapeutic moist heat into sessions;
*Reiki 2 Attunement (Autumn 2017)! 
*And perhaps, an extensive prenatal massage certification. More details to follow!

As always, thank you for reading, for booking, for gifting massage to the women in your lives, for leaving lovely reviews. I appreciate & enjoy all of you & your continued support!

Love & light,
Brandi ♥






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